Online Safety for Parents

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Helping parents with esafety advice and links to games for you and your child.
​Know It AllResources for parents and carers includes content for young people.
​Think U KnowSpecific advice for parents and carers. There are links to several websites which have additional resources and support for all age groups.
Hector’s World ​Hector’s WorldA free online learning resource for children 2-9 years of age with parental advice.
​DigizenPromoting digital citizenship and managing personal information
The ​Vodafone Parents’ Guide and a new Parents guide can be found here 2017 Vodaphone Digital Parentong guide Developed with leading parenting website The Parent Zone​ and tested extensively to ensure it builds parents’ confidence.Their magazine, Digital Parenting​ is also available online.
ceoppubservice.png Parents​ and Carers Guide to the InternetThe Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet’, from CEOP, is a light hearted and realistic look at what it takes to be a better online parent.
UKSIC.png How to set up the parental controls of your internet provider
Here you can find out how you can help prevent age inappropriate content being accessed online on computers in your home
Better Internet For Kids Better Internet For Kids
online Safety Policies, Guides and Resources
The One App Every Parent Needs
NSPCC Net Aware NSPCC Net Aware
The One App Every Parent Needs
Gooseberry Planet Gooseberry Planet
Keeping Kids Safe Online
OPEN DNS OPEN DNS Online security for those a little more tech savvy
Online security for those a little more tech savvy